Protect Your Business with Secured Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Aug 29, 2017

Warehouses and distribution centers are the backbone of any business. From raw commodities to final products, all of the valuable and tangible assets are placed in these settings for a considerable time. That is why, for any business venture, it is necessary to have fool-proof security measures in place on these locations. Warehouses become more vulnerable to break-in and thefts when business is growing and more goods and items are placed under the shed.

There are some tips to improve the overall security of your warehouse or distribution center so that you can save your business from any potential losses.

Customized Access

Your warehouse or distribution center should have customized access which only allows authorized employees to enter the premises of the warehouse or distribution center. But the risk of theft remains there because many times these thefts are carried out by employees. For that you can make sure that the number of employees deployed in the building work in teams so that there will be fewer chances of sneaking the company items away. For visitors you can make an entry and exit log and every visitor will be required to fill it with all the necessary personal information.

Sort the Stored Items According to Their Value

There are some items in your warehouse that are more profitable than others. These may be commodities that are in high demand these days. For these types of more valuable items and products, make separate compartments in warehouses and distribution centers which have their own locking mechanisms so that it is not easily accessible to anyone.

Surveillance Through CCTV Cameras

A better way to keep an eye on your warehouse or distribution center is to install CCTV cameras all across the building so that it can be monitored 24/7. So in any case of break-in or theft it will be convenient for law enforcing agencies to catch those who are responsible.

Visibility and Lighting of The Interior

If a warehouse is illuminated with bright lights, it gives the impression that someone is watching the place, making burglars and thieves think twice before they try to rob you.

Likewise, the more visible the interior of the warehouse, the more it will stop burglars from breaking in. The visibility of a warehouse or distribution center can be increased through different measures like you can steer clear of the whole warehouse from entry and exit points from any visual obstacles. Mirrors can also be installed in the alleyways of the building for not only providing assistance to the loading drivers but also making it easy to catch thieves red handed.

Hiring A Security Personnel

Most of the break-ins and burglaries occur during night time, so it is better to get a night shift security guard. It is necessary to get the security guard from a reputable security service. The presence of security guards at the witching hours will discourage any potential burglar to carry out a misadventure.

Protecting your inventories from any theft is very important for your business to sustain and grow. To seek professional security advice and services for your warehouse or distribution center, you can contact us at SSI or call us at 905-230-0865.