The Strategic Way to Place Your Panic Buttons

Dec 3, 2018

While home security systems keep your home safe whether you are there or not, you can add another layer of protection to them. This article is all about how strategically placed panic buttons can protect you and your family while you are home. They will also work whether or not the security system has been armed or not! That makes panic buttons indispensible tools when it comes to keeping your family secure.

How does a panic button work? The panic button is connected to an alarm that starts to blare when someone presses the button. Connect the alarm to a monitoring service and it will also have alerted the authorities of an emergency. Another added advantage to having a panic button is that it will also clue in your neighbors to what is happening. Security services also offer the option of silent alarms that will not put the safety of your family at jeopardy by escaping the intruder’s attention.

We at SWAT Security International have compiled a list of some places where you can place panic buttons:


Most of our time while at home is spent in our bedrooms. If we are not sleeping, then we are using the computer, or watching television in there. Thus, it seems like a wise choice to place a panic button there. Make sure that you place it within easy reach of your bed so that you can press it even you have woken up groggy. A good idea is to conceal it under the bed. That way, there are fewer chances of you pressing up by accident.


Many families share at least one meal in the kitchen. This makes a kitchen a good candidate when you are looking for a place to install a panic button. Other reasons for doing that include cooking accidents can get immediate assistance if the panic button is right there in the kitchen. It is also quite likely that your landline is also located in there. You will already be heading there when calling for help and can also press the panic button in case of an emergency.


Often the reason an intruder will steal into a place is to burgle. Since a burglar will be looking to get their hands on any valuable items, such as cash and jewelry, they could be another location for a panic button. If you are at home during such an intrusion, then you could press the panic button and alert the authorities. This is especially true because a thief might ask you to open the safe or direct them to where you keep your cash. Again, pick a location where the button will not only be within reach, but also be concealed from prying eyes.

Other places to install panic buttons include:

  • Home offices
  • Garages
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements

The idea is to have panic buttons strategically installed in all the main living areas of your home. Pick locations where your family spends most of the time. Use fake plants, underside of tables, or the backside of decorative items as hiding places for the buttons.