How To Save Yourself From Construction Site Theft

Jun 12, 2017

Construction sites are home to building materials and tools, and are often prone to theft. It is very difficult to secure these sites from thieves and burglars, who often steal tools and construction materials from these locations.

If an important tool is lost or stolen on a construction site, it has to be replaced, increasing the cost of the project while also increasing the cost in terms of increased insurance premiums. The theft can also result in the project being delayed. That is why it is necessary to secure the construction site to prevent any potential theft.

General Security Measures

You can start off by fencing the construction site, using warning sign boards and installing a well-lit system of lights. Don’t leave valuable building material and tools wide open on the construction site, instead bolt them after the working shift with tamper resistant locks. Also make a list of all the items present on the site and check that list everyday in order to make sure that you are not losing anything to theft or negligence.

Securing The Construction Equipment

Most of the construction equipment remains present on the site during the whole course of the project and that is why they remain hot favorites for theft. There are different ways to protect the equipment. The high price equipment such as generators and loaders can be secured through high tech security apparatus such as alarms, ignition and fuel cut-offs. If the construction site is hosting very expensive equipment for a long time, you can have the geofencing of your construction site from professional security services providers.

Registering The Equipment

It is a way to alleviate the burn of theft. By registering your valuable equipment, you will get more aided services of concerned law enforcement agencies of finding the stolen equipment of yours.

Only Contain Needful Items At The Site

Don’t stuff the construction site with the excess supply of items and commodities. You may want to get all the supplies for future but it will make your valuable constructions items more vulnerable to theft and loss.

Presence Of A Supervisor

Many times, the construction workers get dishonest and make an attempt to steal. To make them aware that they are being watched, it is very necessary to have a round-the-clock supervisor on the construction site who is more watchful of the workers’ behavior and conduct. The presence of a constant monitoring eye can prevent any potential burglaries or thefts.

Make One Entry And Exit Point

Make sure that the construction site does not have various entry or exit points. The most fitting way is to have only one entry and exit point for the whole site. It will make it easy to monitor everyone who enters and leaves the construction site.

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