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Retail & Shopping Mall

SWAT Security International offers high quality security services specializing in guarding against crimes taken place in a retail stores, shopping malls, multi-level office towers, parking facilities, superstores, and entertainment centers.

Retail establishments pose a range of security threats such as theft, vandalism, and safety risks. Our highly trained mall security officers ensure that risks are minimized, leaving customers and clientele protected in the highest degree. The presence of a security guard will guarantee on-site guardianship, with the option of either a uniformed or discreetly clothed security officer. SWAT Security International diligently works to cater to the specific needs of retail business owners and customers.

We understand the significance of quality customer service in the security industry.

    In a retail and shopping mall environment, we offer:

    Initial on-site assessment

    In-person & mobile patrols

    Theft, fraud, & loss prevention

    Intruder/trespasser management

    Concierge-style security guards

    Parking lot control

    Access control & key management

    Monitoring & CCTV alarms

    24/7 live dispatch

    Immediate emergency response

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