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Warehouse & Distribution

SWAT Security International provides both logistics expertise and warehouse security that is expanding world-wide.

Our team of security professionals are situated in various metropolitan areas and deliver industrious warehouse services to ensure that all operations are functioning seamlessly. In addition to our presence in the workplace, we maintain an availability that is 24/7, along with a reachable representative that will guarantee the minimization of downtime and provide undivided attention towards our well-deserving clients.

An industrial area such as a warehouse requires a large range of security amenities to ensure the protection of property and goods. At SWAT Security International, we understand that a detailed knowledge of industrial safety and our clients in this sector is crucial when delivering security services to warehouse clients.

    We offer a wide range of security options.

      Initial on-site assessment

      Gatehouse services

      Traffic control

      In-person & mobile patrols

      Access control & key management

      Monitoring & CCTV alarms

      Safety & contractor watch

      24/7 live dispatch

      To speak to a warehouse security professional, please contact SWAT Security International and we will not hesitate to share more details on how we can assist you with all your warehouse security needs.

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