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Parking Enforcement

At SWAT Security International, we have security personnel situated in parking lots in a widespread of environments.

Our security professionals will serve to protect your property and secure persons against theft and other criminal activity. Our security experience in a wide variety of parking environments has led us to develop industry leading standards that better manage potential challenges arising from localized property crime, drugs, mental illness, and homelessness. We provide a team of professional security experts who will analyze potential threats and security breaches to your parking lot. SWAT Security International also delivers security officers trained to offer well-rounded customer service and customer assistance with minor, day-to-day complications.

By selecting SWAT Security International as your security partner, we will ensure that we tailor security services to your specific needs while subsequently eliminating any unnecessary costs.

    We offer the following parking lot security services:

    Initial on-site assessment

    Traffic control

    In-person & mobile patrols


    Access control & key management

    Monitoring & CCTV alarms

    Safety & contractor watch

    24/7 live dispatch

    Immediate emergency response

    For more information on how our parking enforcement officials can assist you in protecting your parking lot, contact SWAT Security International today.

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