5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away!

Dec 13, 2016

When we think about a vacation, we try to think of sunny beaches and margaritas. Nevertheless, other negative thoughts keep intruding and leaving home seems like such a hassle. We start thinking of all the security concerns we would have while away and end up staying home during the holidays. No more though; this article mentions all the things you need to do to ensure you have peace of mind while you’re away.

Shut It!

This may seem like the obvious thing to do but we would still like to mention it. Why, you ask? We include it because more than a quarter of all home intrusions are actually unforced! Surprised, right? We were too. Then, we proceeded with shutting all the windows and locking the doors in our home. Once you think you got them all, start checking all the locks all over again. Having the place locked down is one of the easiest but most overlooked deterrent.

Ask for It!

Ask a friend or neighbor to watch over your house before you leave for the holidays. The most effective way to ensure that all the watching happens is to ply said friend with lots and lots of cupcakes or wine, depending on their preference. When they are deep within a sugar coma or under the effects of imbibing, that is the time to ask them for the favor of driving by your home once every day and checking on the place.

Giving them the key to your house may also be a good idea, if you want them to water some plants or do you other favors. Also, include a key to your car with the house key, so they can move the vehicle if it needs to be moved.

Join It!

Join your neighborhood watch program and rack up favors. When it’s your turn, you can ask the other members to keep an eye on your house. If you must, bribe them with promises of souvenirs that you will be getting them from your trip.

Don’t Mention It!

This is a very important one. We have started sharing everything from insignificant details, such as binge watching a certain popular yet bloody show to more important ones on the social media. The problem with this much oversharing is that we forget how it can affect us. If you announce to the world your intentions of going somewhere during the holidays, you are actually telling veritable strangers that your home is empty! Share pictures and show off after you have returned and until then, try not mentioning it on the internet. The same precautions go for what you say on your answering machine or voice mail. Say that you cannot take their call as opposed to confirming your absence from your home.

Buy It!

Buy some peace of mind for when you are away from home by hiring a house sitter. However, look for people you can trust and start searching within the family and then your circle of friends first before hiring someone you do not know.