How to Keep Your Kids Safe During a Parade?

Sep 8, 2016

From political parades to peace walks, kids love to become a part of these exciting, fun-filled activities. The following safety tips will help you to keep your kids safe during a parade.
Make a Chain
It is highly important to keep a track of the whereabouts of your child in a parade. Ask all your kids to make a chain by holding their hands. Child belts are also easily available in the market nowadays. The child wears one end of the belt and you can hold the other end to make sure that your kid is around you all the time.
Take Photographs
Today, the surrounding of most of the parades is secured with human chains or hurdles. It allows the management of parade to find a person in the parade. Choose a unique outfit or at least one unique item in your child’s outfit to easily distinguish them from others. These items may include face paints, headbands, shoes, or any other thing. Now, prepare your child for the parade and capture their photographs in your phone before leaving for the parade. If any mishap occurs, you can show these photographs to the management and show them the photographs of your kids to find them.
Review the Names and Numbers
Unfortunately, many parents do not train their kids for emergencies. The first step of training is to make your kids memorize their full name, their full name, age, address, and your phone number. Kids, elder than three years of age can easily memorize this information. Make sure that your kids have memorized this information. Ask them to revise the information in front of you. The management can easily hand over the kids to you if they are lost in the parade.
Prepare Your Kids
Elders may not admire the laws, but kids love to follow the instructions given for the elders. Prepare your kids for the parade by marking everything ‘legal’ and ‘official’:
• It is illegal to come on the road while the performers drive their rides.
• It is official that the kids will take care of their parents in this parade. The kids are responsible for the safety of their parents. Do you understand that?
• It is illegal for kids to go away with another stranger. Do not leave hands. Do not break the chain, even if you are eating.
• Kids, who do not remember the names and numbers of their parents, may not attend the parade.
Go in Groups
The parade administration has a list of people attending the parade, along with their information. You can make a group with your family members, friends, or colleagues, or contact the parade administration to refer you a reliable group of parade attendants.
Above all, you need to keep a check on the safety exits of the parade. Make sure to visit the parade site at least one day prior to the parade. It is helpful in escaping a terrorist attack.