Is Keeping Weapons at Home Safe For Your Kids?

Oct 2, 2016

People keep weapons at home for a number of reasons. Some people find it cool, whereas others do not rely on their governments for their personal safety, and for some, keeping a weapon at home is their job requirement. Keeping a legal weapon is definitely not offensive or bad. However, keeping a legal weapon unsafely is definitely lethal for you and your family.

You might have already acquired your essential documents and licenses, but the following tips will help you to avoid any mishap due to a weapon, especially if you have kids at home.

Make Sure to Keep it Unloaded

You might have heard of incident, like a person shot killed while cleaning his gun. Such incidents happen when you keep your firearm loaded in the house or car. Keeping your weapon unloaded allows you to avoid any mishap, even if someone, including your kids, accidently picks it up.

Make It Locked, Safe-Locked!

A majority of the gun owners rely on its mechanical safety only, which is provided in the trigger. However, you can maximize the safety by using the cable lock as well. In the latter type, a steel cable blocks the firearm by creating a loop around it.

Keep them Safe

Remember that gun safety locks like cable locks do not prevent theft. Also, you need to keep the weapons out of the reach of children. For this, get a customized and unbreakable safety lock. A customized lock is unapproachable with master key. Most of these locks can be opened with a fingerprint scanner only. The modern locks have a lining of unbreakable glass inside the outer steel or aluminum shelf. You can also store your important documents in this shelf.

Store Them Separately

If you have more than one ammunition then make sure to store them in separate locks. It will help prevent foreign access to all ammunitions, in case of foreign intrusion.

Always Keep High Quality, Well-Maintained Ammunitions Only

The security services use their weapons regularly, which is why, they keep their weapons updated and well-maintained. However, weapons used for home safety are not as regularly used as the weapons of security services. High quality weapons have lesser chances of jams. But you need to maintain your weapons regularly to make sure that you do not miss a fire or find a jammed weapon in your safe, when needed.

Teach Kids

Remember that kids become more curious about things that are prohibited for them. This is why, you need to be a little tricky while teaching them. Many people believe that it is OK to hide the weapon instead of teaching your kid about it. Remember that the kid may come in contact to a weapon owned by your neighbor, friend, or anyone else. Safety is better than prevention. Make your kids safer with these tips:

  • If you see a weapon, stop what you are doing and tell your elder about it
  • Do not touch any kind of weapon, including the knife
  • If another kids touches or pull out a gun, rush to their parents and tell them right away
  • It is illegal for kids to touch the guns. The police will immediately know it as soon as you touch the gun

You might have many questions related with safety and weapons. SSI Protection provides high-end personal training sessions along with security guard services.