Is Your Professional Monitoring Service Reliable?

Aug 9, 2016

Professional Monitoring – What It Is

If you have signed for a professional monitoring service, then you can expect round the clock protection throughout the year. The security is there regardless of your presence at home or if you are away.

Professional Monitoring – How It Works

You arm your security system and if the alarm is tripped at any time, the monitoring center is alerted to the intrusion. When that happens, a monitoring professional calls you on the two numbers that have been pre-decided on the activation of the monitoring service. When you pick up, the caller will ask you for your safe word, which is again a pre-selected word chosen when you activated the service.

If the safe word is the right one, the monitoring service will stop dispatching the police. If the safe word given to the caller is incorrect or the phone is not answered, your local police will be sent to your address. The caller who is pretending to you will not be clued in to the what is happening to ensure your safety.

Professional Monitoring – What It Does


A professional monitoring service will be monitoring your property. If they track down any sort of intrusion via the perimeter sensors, they will take action.

Smoke and Fires

If you have added smoke detectors to your home security system, then the professional monitoring service can also keep an eye out for incidents resulting in smoke and/or fire. Instead of just alerting you to what is happening, the service will intercept the detector’s signal and also call the fire brigade.


If you have signed up for a professional monitoring service, they can help keep your family safe and protected in other emergencies, as well. If you avail the option of panic buttons offered by similar services, you can add an extra layer of protection. Installed within easy reach of each family member, the panic buttons might be pressed in case of an emergency.The button will trigger an alarm, alerting the monitoring service and they will call you to make sure things are okay or if you need help to deal with the situation.

Professional Monitoring – Types

Most professional monitoring services offer two types of packages. The basic monitoring package consists of minimal services that are required to keep you and your home safe. Reasonably priced, such a package will mostly include two phone calls, dispatch of police or fire brigade in emergencies, as well as, ensuring your safety by calling your contacts, if you are not picking up.

Other elaborate packages include additional features, such as remote control of your system. Due to that feature, you will be able to get in touch with the system no matter where you are, provided you have internet access. Thus, you can make changes to your account using your phone, receive text messages or emails pertaining to the alarm set up at your place.

With a professional monitoring service, you can go through life assured that whether you are at home or not, it will be protected.