How to Choose the Right Security Company

Apr 14, 2016

Residential and commercial properties face a risk of encountering different types of threatening situations like fire, theft, intrusion, and vandalism. By hiring the services of a security company, you can not only minimize the risk but also stay prepared for any unforeseen situations.

When you choose a security company, you hand over the security responsibilities of the people, the property, and the equipment therein to that company. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a security company that is competitively capable of providing foolproof security.

Always Choose a Company with Certified Employees

Different security schools in Canada offer professional security training. In contrast, some security companies also provide in-house professional security training to their employees. For example, SWAT Security International Inc., offers a 40-hour training program. This training program helps you get recognized provincially. SWAT Security International Inc., also trains its employees regularly to ensure the following.

  • They are aware of the most modern security tools.
  • They are trained for individual and collective protection.
  • They are aware of special security tactics for people and the tangible assets.
  • They effectively communicate for understanding the client requirements as well as prepare regular security reports for updates.

SWAT Security International Inc., also trains its employees for Emergency Level First Aid Certification.

Ask for references

A professional security company is capable of providing security to corporate and commercial properties as well as to the residential properties. Make sure to evaluate the work history of the organization. Ask the security company to provide you references of their previous clients.

Moreover, ask your friends, family members, and colleagues about a reputable and dependable security company. Search security companies in your vicinity online.

Research, Get Quotations, and Shortlist

Find out as many security companies in your area as possible. Book appointments and visit the ones you have shortlisted. On your visit, ask questions mentioned in the last section of this guide. Make sure to take quotations from all the companies.

After completing your research, compare the quotes and services of all the researched companies and create a final list. It will now be much easier make a final decision.


The following FAQs include self-assessment and assessment of the security company.

Track Your Needs

A professional security company would always ask you the purpose of hiring a security company. Make sure to create a list of your needs including security for assets, security against foreign access, protection against natural hazards and accidental fire (commonly required in chemical industries), and more.

Ask the Organization

Following are the questions you need to ask a security company such as SWAT Security International Inc., on your visit.

  • Can you provide me some references of your previous clients?
  • How do you train your employees?
  • Why should we rely on you? How are you better than other security companies?
  • How much do you charge? How are your charges justified as compared to your services?
  • How do we contact you during an emergency? How long does it take you to respond?

With these tips, you will be able to choose a reputable, dependable, and authentic security company to make sure that your security is in the right hands. For any questions or concerns regarding these tips or other security inquiries feel free to contact SWAT Security International Inc.