Checklist for Residential Security Risk Assessment

Mar 28, 2016

While many people believe their residential area to be safe, it is important to consider that the security of the building is still at stake. Residential security risk assessment is the process of evaluating the security of a residential building and finding out the lapses that may turn into risky situations. The purpose of security risk assessment is to cover up the security gaps to avoid danger.

It is ideal to hire professional services for residential security risk assessment. However, you can also do it on your own with the help of the following checklist.

Evaluate the Number of Entrance Points

Before implementing a security system, it is vital to check the places from where burglars can easily enter the premises. A proven and easy way to reduce the security risk is to limit the number of entrances. Evaluate the number of entrances in your residential building and make sure to consider easy entry points like French windows that open directly in the frontal garden.

Check the Maintenance of the Entrances

The entrances, most importantly the central entrance, should have security locks and cameras. Faulty hardware and broken hinges pose a huge security risk. The entrance should be well-lit and well-maintained.

Visitor Logging System

In condominiums and multi-home residential buildings, a visitor logging system is very helpful to maintain the track of guests. It also helps avoid the trespassers. An electronic visitor management system that requires basic visitor information along with an identity is essential for multi-home residential buildings. Apart from a secure vehicle entrance, make sure to include a secure foot traffic entrance as well.

Safety for Valuable Items

Expensive and valuable items are always tempting to the burglars and criminals. These also include your car parked in front of the building or the fancy lights installed on the front wall. Make sure to park your car in the garage constructed inside the building or transform the basement into a parking lot for multi-home buildings.

Safety Exit

The buildings without security guards are always at the risk of attack, despite other security measures. It is highly important to construct a safety exit in the building so that the families may escape an attack.

Security Service that Offers Optimum Monitoring, Crime Handling, Prevention, and other Services

Security service providers like SSI Protection not only provide physical security for residential, commercial, and other buildings, but they also assess the building for security risks regularly. A reliable security company offers the following services.

  • Offers full-time or part-time guard services for preventing crime.
  • Should be able to offer great peace of mind and sense of security to the people living in the building.
  • Satisfactory customer service so that people can lodge complaints and ask questions easily.
  • Expert crime handling including foreseeing the alarming situations.
  • Monitoring services including patrolling and CCTV surveillance.

Your building may be at high risk if any of the aforementioned security steps are missing. Hiring a security service frees you from the stress and hard work of keeping your residential building safe.