Choose the Right Type of Office Security System for Your Business

Mar 24, 2016

The offices have now been converted into virtual spaces with expensive gadgets and equipment. It is essential to install an office security system to avoid burglary and theft. There are two types of office security systems including the internal security and the external security. In order to install any type of security system, considering the parameters and the amount of security needed is also important. As a fact, too much security is always better than a security system with lapses. However, too much security may make free operations difficult at the workplace.
Surveillance not only protects the property but it also protects the employees and people at your office. Following are some types of office based security systems. Read below and find out the right type of security system for your office.

Camera-Operated Security Systems
1. Infrared and Night vision Cameras
The Infrared technology captures images and photographs in poorly lit areas. These cameras are ideal to use in the outdoor spaces.
2. Bullet Cameras
Also known as lipstick cameras, these are revolving cameras that capture all-dimensional videos of the activity in that area. These cameras are ideal to install in the warehouses, parking lots, and areas with a lot of activity.
3. PC-Based DVR System
A PC-Based DVR System is ideal if you have a full-time physical security service or a control room operated by the security service providers. The PC-Based DVR System is user-friendly with an easy-to-operate interface. The software requires regular updates. However, a drawback of the PC-Based DVR system is that an external threat can easily harm this system. Therefore, make sure to hire a controller service that is fully acquainted with external threat resolution tactics.
4. Standalone DVR System

If you want to install cameras that are easy to hide then Standalone DVR System is ideal to choose. These are small, highly functional, and cheaper than other types of DVR security cameras. The Standalone DVR System is operated with an embedded software. Therefore, external threats do not pose a risk to these systems.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

A complete fire alarm system contains smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, and fire alarms. The smoke detector detects the smoke and rings fire alarm automatically.

Metal Detectors
These are commonly sighted at the entrance of shopping malls, cinemas, and other public places. Most often, a security guard on the main gate is responsible for detecting the metal instruments and criminal devices with metal detectors.

Digital Identity Entrance
A number of digital identity entrance devices can be attached on the main gate. The thumb print devices and retina scan devices are the safest but these are also a little expansive. A cheaper option is to install identity card digital device. These devices unlock the walkways upon recognition of the identity card issued by the organization. Digital identity entrance restricts foreign entrance in the building.

Walkthrough Gates
The walkthrough gates have metal detecting sensors, which sound an alarm when the sensors detect a metal passing through the gate. These gates do not restrict foreign entry into the building. However, these gates are very effective in reducing the risk of bringing in metal instruments and criminal devices or preventing visitors from stealing office gadgets.
When choosing a security system for your business, it is essential to consider the coverage area, type of activity in the space, storage space, and the purpose of security camera installation. The employees are mostly not intimidated with security cameras in the parking lots. However, make sure to install easy-to-hide security devices inside the office space.