What Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

May 13, 2016

Like many other industries, burglary is also an industry that subsumes some dark secrets and dirty tactics. The burglars definitely don’t want you to know these secrets to keep their profession safe. However, here we have found a treasure chest of secrets that the burglars in your vicinity might be hiding.
There are Three Types of Burglars
The burglars are classified into three different classes. The first class is of Professional Burglars. These burglars are mostly looking for expensive assets and work for bigger criminal organizations. Most often, these burglars are not interested in smaller properties.
The second class is of semi-professional burglars. This type should be your concern. They are involved in small to medium-sized robberies and thefts.
The third category is of amateur burglars. They are interested in small theft crimes. The amateur burglars should also be your concern.

They Read the Signs
The burglars are clever watchdogs, who predict your absence with strong observation skills. For example, if you have left a light open to deceive the burglars, it will be kept open for three or four days or more. Read our blog ‘Clever Security Gadgets to Install in Your Home This Year’ to understand different tactics of deceiving the burglars.
The burglars are also great judges. They judge the security of a house based on its condition. For example, if a house has shabby yard and overgrown bushes then the owner may be lazy enough to care for the security.

A Burglar May Have Serviced Your Home Earlier
To your surprise, the burglars may also have jobs. In fact, most of the burglars have full-time jobs. A burglar may have entered your home earlier to fix a pipe, do the plumbing job, check the HVAC, fix the beds, and more. The common most, preparatory tactic of the burglars is to use your bathroom and leave a window open for their future entrance. Therefore, make sure to check all the windows and doors including the HVAC unit to restrict foreign access.
The easiest entrance points include kitchen windows above the sink and other upper level windows. Make sure to install small cyber secured alarms at these places.

You Hide, I Find
Like many other people, do you also put your expensive jewelry in medicine bottles and hide money under the mattress? Then you need to worry because even a half-witted burglar now knows these tactics. A burglar would even enter the kids’ room to satisfy his hunger. Therefore, it is ideal to install an unbreakable safe for securing your valuables instead of hiding them.

They Don’t Want to Waste Time on Homes with Security Systems
As stated earlier, most of the burglars have fulltime day jobs. Therefore, they cannot afford wasting time to scrutinize individual security cameras on a property. CCTV cameras, surveillance and monitoring systems, lock alarms, and dog alarms can help avoid burglary attempts on your property.

The burglars never attempt on a property where there is digital security as well as physical security. Security firms like SWAT Security International Inc., ensure 100% security against all types of criminal attempts