Clever Security Gadgets to Install in Your Home

May 12, 2016

Burglars live off deception. To their surprise, you can use the same trait to counter them by installing some unique security gadgets in your residential property. Let’s have a look at some of the smartest security gadgets available on the market.
1. Infrared Security Light
Many people have dim and shaded doorways that act as the easiest routes for burglars to break into your home. This is where Infrared security light comes into action. The unique technology activated by Passive Infrared Sensors, remains dim when there is no movement in the area where it is installed; however, the sensors activate upon movement in the area and the lights illuminate to reveal the source of movement.

2. Dummy Camera
Real CCTV Cameras can be very expensive and also require 24/7 surveillance to monitor the activities. Dummy cameras, on the other hand, are more economical than original CCTV cameras and do not require 24/7 surveillance.
Mark the sensitive points of your home including the entrance, windows, hallways and more. Install dummy cameras at all sensitive points to deceive burglars.

3. A Barking Dog Alarm
Modern barking dog alarms are manufactured with 360-degree radar detectors. These detectors detect movements in the area and the alarm activates. These alarms are very helpful in scaring burglars away and are readily available in the market at very affordable prices, starting from only CAD40.

4. Fake TV Light
Burglars mostly enter a house when it is empty or, late at night when the members are asleep. A great way to keep your premises secure in your absence is to install Fake TV Light. The light mimics the multicolored lights of Television and creates an impression of someone watching TV inside the premises. The best place to install a fake TV light is on the top of your television. Fake TV Lights start from CAD25 in the market.

5. Lock with Built-in Alarm
Burglars tend to target certain properties more than others. There could be many reasons for this: regular absence of house members, small boundary walls, lack of security cameras, and more. In such cases, you need extra security as burglars prefer entering through the door to avoid suspicion.
Door and window locks with built-in alarms are very effective in this regard. The alarm rings when someone tries to open it with a different key. Some locks with built-in alarms are also connected with WiFi. These alarms send you a signal on your smartphone or any other smart device it is configured with when someone tries opening the door.
Along with all these gadgets, you should also consider building a customized safe. The common techniques used by burglars to open a safe include mimicking thumb impression locks, drilling, breaking the safe, and unscrewing the door. Customized safes with unbreakable internal glass lining effectively resist all types of intrusive techniques.
Along with these security gadgets, you should also consider hiring the services of a security company like SWAT Security International Inc., that offers topnotch security services at very affordable rates.