Labor Dispute & Crisis Management

Our team of professionals specialized in the fields of labour relations and crisis management effectively handle disputes in the workplace.

At SWAT Security International, we manage labour disruptions in-depth and aim to maximize workplace safety by constantly upgrading our facilities. Our specialists in labour relations have an expansive knowledge of employee rights and crisis management to ensure that our personnel and clients are free from risks associated with labour disputes.

SWAT Security International has an extensive history in providing…

Labour Dispute Preparation & Contingency Planning

Labour Dispute Management & Documentation (All Levels)

Post Labour Dispute Investigations

Additionally, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide reliable Labour Dispute Resolution and Support Services for our clients. We are often called upon by external Private Investigation Agencies to provide our expertise and support in assisting their clients with these services.

Among our related services are the following options:

Law Enforcement Liaison

Facility Security Consulting

False Insurance Claims Prevention (WSIB / STD / LTD)

Audio and/or Video Documentation

Coordination of Peripheral Services

Monitoring Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic

Management Staff Training and Protection

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Provide Documented Evidence and Litigation Support

Intelligence Gathering and Information Dissemination

Act as a Deterrent to Property Damage, Asset Loss, and other Illegal Activities

Provide Written Policy Statements

Ensure Safety and to Protect Personal and Corporate Property

Record Evidence of any Damage, Injuries, or Breaches of the Peace

Injunction Application Support

SWAT Security International is a Canadian owned and privately held security firm.

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