Community Initiatives

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The Shelter Movers

At SWAT Security International, we are continuously giving back to our community. We work alongside The Shelter Movers of Toronto to provide safe, respectful moving services at no cost to persons fleeing abusive households. Our team collaborates with local shelters, victim service agencies and law enforcement services to assist and support persons experiencing domestic violence in Toronto, Canada.

Food Banks

Our team also provides help and assistance at local food banks to support those who are less fortunate. We work with non-for-profit organizations and registered charities who deliver meals to shelters, hostels and neighbourhood meal programs. We recently donated computers to local food banks and helped attendees get security guard licences at no cost. Our goal is to help as many people as possible become less dependant on the food banks and be able to support themselves.

Job Fairs

We are continually looking for ways to reach out to our community and offer job opportunities that are diverse and all-encompassing. SWAT Security International arranges job fairs and training opportunities at a widespread of locations to ensure that we offer fair job openings to hard-working individuals wanting to become part of our team.

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