When Should You Change Your Door Locks?

Jan 1, 1970

Since it is not often that a door lock breaks down, we forget that they also need to be replaced along with the other aspects of home maintenance. While you may not need to change a lock as often as you have to change the filter on your HVAC system, you still need to replace them in a timely manner. The number of miles on your car decides when you get the oil changed but for door locks, you should let certain incidents dictate. Some examples are:

Moving In

If you have recently changed homes, the first thing you need to do is replace all the locks. The homeowner may have given you keys to all of them when you moved in. However, you do not know the number of spare keys that their kids might have lost or they had misplaced! That is why, it is a smart idea to simply change the locks and keep your loved ones safe.

Long Time In

The moment you feel that locking or unlocking a door has become difficult, know it is time to change locks! All the wear and tear has made its effect known on your lock and it needs to be replaced. Failing to do so leaves you open to lock tampering and of course, eventual house intrusion. You know that the old lock is not doing its job, why take the risk by delaying replacing it?


Losing It

It does not matter, if you or a family member has lost the key or had it stolen from them. You need to replace the locks as soon as you can. Even if the key was lost, you do not know where it might end up and who might end up using them. If the keys are found a day or two later or returned to you by someone who found them, you still need to replace the lock. You may never even know, if that person made a detour to make copies of your house key before returning them to you!

Broken In

If your house has recently been broken into, do not wait to replace your locks. Regardless of the entry point of the burglar, you need to make the changing of locks a priority. This is especially true if the intruder picked the lock to get in. This is because the force they must have used to break or pick it could have compromise the lock’s integrity. An un-replaced and damaged lock leaves you vulnerable to a second robbery or simply leaving you locked out in the cold at the worst time.

Breaking Up

After a change in your relationship status, whether due to a breakup or divorce, you need to get your locks changed. While you may have ended the relationship amiably, the other person may not have felt that way. Make sure that you change your locks in any case. This also applies to situations where your old roommate has stopped living with you. It is better to take precautions then to be sorry later!